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Welcome to About Sleep, the Right Choice for Sleep Therapy Devices in South Australia.

About Sleep offers therapy choices for people with sleep problems, delivered by qualified health professionals.
Sleep problems can seriously affect your health and enjoyment of life. Sleep problems often interact with other medical conditions which means that they can be complex to diagnose and treat. Your doctor is the best place to start if you have a sleep problem that you wish to address.
Once you have a diagnosis from your GP or Specialist and they have recommended treatment, we will work with you and your doctors to ensure that you receive effective treatment under the supervision of qualified health professionals.

What we do:

CPAP Therapy
Custom Dental Splints
Sleep Psychology
Nutrition Programs
Exercise Programs
Provide the highest quality therapy support
Follow-up your progress with treating doctors
Give you CHOICE

What we will not do:

Diagnose sleep problems. That is your doctors role.
Conduct sleep studies. These are complex scientific investigations best done in a sleep laboratory.
Determine your therapy needs. Only qualified professionals should recommend treatment for sleep disorders.
Provide CPAP therapy without a prescription from your doctor. Initiation of CPAP therapy and changes to treatment
should only be undertaken according to your sleep specialist’s instructions.
Sell you equipment before you’re ready. Purchasing CPAP equipment is a significant financial investment in your health. We will not sell you a CPAP machine until your therapy is stabilised and you are ready – it’s your choice.
Sell you more expensive equipment then you need. We won’t try to sell you more expensive equipment than is necessary to meet your therapy needs.
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We love to hear from our clients. Please drop us a line to let us know how you're going or just to discuss how we can help you get better sleep.

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