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After working in several local pharmacies for 8 years, Harold Gilbert opened his own pharmacy in 1955, on a sand hill in Kidman Park. He was very lucky to get the housing trust shop, as at the time, only ex servicemen were getting them. His mother insisted he put his name down, and now that’s part of history. His mother was his first assistant, often helping him with stock and customers. The pharmacy had the only phone in the district, so it was a popular place. Imagine that these days!

Kidman Park Pharmacy opened in 1955 with the name Gilbert’s Pharmacy in the developing new suburb of Kidman Park. It was owned by Mr Harold Gilbert, who qualified as a Pharmacist in 1947. Mr Gilbert trained at night to do Chiropody and qualified in 1949, and began treating people’s foot problems. This was done in a tiny room at the rear of the pharmacy.

In 1966 a wall was removed to double the size of the business, improving the choices available in the store. In 1979 his daughter Helen qualified as a Pharmacist and came to work in the family business in 1981, after a one year internship in a hospital pharmacy.
David Gilbert qualified as a Podiatrist in 1983 at the University of SA, and came to work in Kidman Park in 1985. A room was built and so the beginnings of Kidman Park Health were started.

Helen became owner of the pharmacy in 1992 and renamed it Helen Gilbert’s Community Pharmacy. Major renovations were done in the next 2 years, with forward dispensing brought in. This enables the pharmacist to be seated at the front counter at all times, while still dispensing and checking the prescriptions. Patients are able to easily access the Pharmacist, even at busy times. This has led the pharmacists to a much greater knowledge of all the customers, as the Pharmacists always have time for a Hello. The Pharmacy also became busier, and so most of the time, two Pharmacists are in attendance. This enables patients to get completely private and uninterrupted time to discuss their medication problems.

In 2005, on request from the CPAP wholesalers, Helen added CPAP Therapy to the list of Pharmacy services. This expanded rapidly to such an extent, that it required a separate clinic of its own. In 2009 the shop next door was empty, and so another wall was removed, and 4 internal rooms built. These rooms are also now used by several different health professionals, as well as the Podiatrist. A new logo, name and colour scheme were developed. Grey and orange became the clinic colours, uniforms were changed and everything was updated. The Pharmacy changed its name to Kidman Park Pharmacy, to reflect its position, and the Clinic was called Kidman Park Health.
Kidman Park Health now consists of a Pharmacy, Podiatrist, Sleep Psychologist, CPAP Therapy, MAS splint manufacture, Exercise Physiologist, and a Dietitian. There are also agencies with NDSS (Diabetes supplies) and Acres Dry Cleaning.
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Eastern Clinic

240 Kensington Road
Marryatville SA 5068

(08) 8361 3698
Monday - Friday 9am to 5.30pm
Saturday 9am to 5.00pm
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Western Clinic

376 Grange Road
Kidman Park SA 5025

(08) 8353 6778
Monday - Friday 9am to 5.30pm
Saturday 9am to 1.00pm
Sunday Closed