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15/8/13 Vale

Mr Harold Gilbert passed away on 10th Aug 2013.

Our deepest sympathy goes to his wife Judith and his children, Brian, Helen and David, and their families.

He was a tireless worker, and devoted himself to his family.
He was a gentle man of intelligence and humour.

He faced increasing ill health with courage, gratitude for life, and a determination to enjoy each day.

He will be sadly missed.
For a copy of his Eulogy, written by his children, with help from his wife, please email us at,
1/9/13 ResMed Quattro Air CPAP Mask

Resmed have released their much awaited CPAP Mask, which is 45% lighter than the existing mask.

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5/9/13 Lifestyle Program

Get Started Lifestyle Program has now commenced.

It is structured to help patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea to lose weight and develop healthy habits to improve their general health and quality of sleep.

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